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WSUS – Windows Server Update Services
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December 23, 2013

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Windows Server Update Services

System Requirements for the WSUS 3.0 SP2 Server Installation
–   2 GB RAM
– 300 GB Harddisk (includes Windows 8, Server 2012R2 and Multipoint Server 2012)

After you set up a client computer, it will take several minutes before the computer appears on the Computers page in the WSUS Administration Console. For client computers configured with a domain-based Group Policy, it can take about 20 minutes after Group Policy refreshes (that is, applies any new policy settings to the client computer). By default, Group Policy updates in the background every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0–30 minutes. If you want to update Group Policy sooner, you can go to a command prompt on the client computer and type
gpupdate /force

For client computers configured by using the Local GPO, Group Policy is applied immediately, and the update takes about 20 minutes. If you begin detection manually, you do not have to wait 20 minutes for the client computer to contact WSUS.
To manually start detection by the WSUS server, at the command prompt, type
wuauclt.exe /detectnow

This command-line option instructs Automatic Updates to contact the WSUS server immediately.
If you did not turn on “Automatic Updates” on the client computer, it will not download from WSUS.

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